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V.I.P: Tralee

Tralee is an entirely different dog! She’s running and playing more, she’s more alert, and she acts like she just generally feels better all over! Thank you for bringing hemp to pets!

Dr. Denise Hall

RxCBD is a phenomenal business partner for the wholistic integrative veterinary medical clinic! It is an honor and privilege to share this company with clients, as well as incorporate the benevolent premium product line in our household. Sophia is an official ‘Canine Ambassador’ for RxCBD. She has been a wonderful pet animal companion, for over 16 years! In December 2017, she will turn 17 years young, with the best products on the market. Sophia has no challenges, other than occasional stiffness. She and her rescue pack take the extract on a daily basis, for it is an essential part of a daily regimen in her maintenance program! Thank you ‘Team RxCBD’ and Debbie Cokes for your continual dedication and innovation in this revolutionary field of ‘nutri-nourishment’ with hemp! Best love, Dr. Hall

Amber K.W.
V.I.P: Rosie

Thank you for your wonderful dog bones. My Rosie at 18 has gotten back her vigorous appetite and can get up more and out dog door more. She also sleeps more at night and so do I.

Telia L.
V.I.P: Vodka

I contacted you when he stopped coming upstairs to sleep with me for the night. That was heartbreaking and I knew he was serious. He’s my constant companion and best friend. 🙂 He’s been on the tincture for almost two weeks now (with his other prescriptions). The first day I gave it to him, he came upstairs 4 times in one day. He comes up now whenever he wants to just like before. He rests comfortably. His eyes lose that dilated in pain look. I don’t know that it’s helping his appetite, but he’s not vomiting and it definitely helps the pain. I give a quarter dropper twice a day. I don’t know what I’d do without it now

Wendy H.
V.I.P: Maggi

She gets the daily CBD oil along with her joint supplements to keep the pain at bay and keep her happy and healthy and moving!