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a dog

Our dog, Martha, struggles with having a calm mind. Someone suggested we try Tempo & Tails dog treats. We started giving these to her, and they make a huge difference! She is calm and happy!!!

V.I.P: Tyson

Just giving you guys an update on the effectiveness of your treats. This here is Tyson. He is a two year old bulldog who gets over excited and likes to play rough. Today after I gave him three treats he was calm, docile and relaxed! He also suffers from minor hip problems and seemed unbothered! Thank you guys keep doing what you are doing!

V.I.P: Jordie

Jordie at 12 1/2 years old was actually scheduled to be euthanized due to uncontrollable discomfort. Now he is acting like his younger self and can even hike on my favorite mountain with me! And I have a guinea pig who is doing fabulously now and is getting back to being able to walk normally. He drinks his drops of CBD right out of the dropper! Thank goodness for the people and products from Tempo & Tails.

V.I.P: Gracie

Gracie is my kid. She has been with me for 13 years. She was barely able to move due to an aging hip. After 2 days on Tempo & Tails extract, she is off her bed, running around, back to her old self. I cried to see her feeling better.

Mindy S.
V.I.P: Hobbs

His spirits are good and we have been using the CBD oil daily to relief and help with discomfort.