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Rick S.
V.I.P: Rufus

Your oil has kept Rufus around and happy, so I cannot begin to thank you enough! I know he won’t last forever, & his appetite is beginning to wane, but we are doing everything possible to keep him around and he is still a happy, spirited dog! (he would run if I would let him :))

Jo S.
V.I.P: Rufus

Rufus is a completely different dog on his CBD drops. He used to be extremely sore and tense, often yelping when you tried to pet him or pick him up. He had pretty much stopped playing and he was always a toy boy. Now, our toy boy is back and he loves to be picked up and snuggled. He loves his CBD and licks it right off his plate. It’s a joy to have our boy back playful and happy!!

V.I.P: Zeke

My cat Zeke (Ezekiel Pickles) has been taking Tempo & Tails daily for five months now. Zeke is a 9-year-old rescue who came into my life after a very tough past. Zeke was nearly bald, dangerously underweight, had terrible stomach problems, and was acting overwhelmed. Since taking Tempo & Tails, he has grown back a beautiful thick coat, is at a healthy weight, and no longer suffers from poor digestion. Zeke is now calm, loving, and playful- he’s a whole new cat thanks to this!

Linda S
V.I.P: Thomas

I started using the Cat Tincture in May of 2017. Thomas is 20-1/2 years old now. He had a bad limp in his left leg, his coat was starting to look greasy & he was looking boney. Today, My Thomas is one hella of a Happy & Handsome boy cat. He gets 4 twice a day. He weighs 11 lbs now too.

Wendy H.
V.I.P: Maggi

She gets the daily CBD oil along with her joint supplements to keep the discomfort at bay and keep her happy and healthy and moving!