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supplements formulated to support your Pets health and wellness.

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We consult with the real pet experts - the vets. We've been collaborating with Dr. Landry of CCAPM and Dr. Watkins of the University of Colorado Boulder in a study that measures the effectiveness in addressing dog physical discomforts.

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Dosage for Dogs

Once you, as a pet owner, have decided that treats and oils are the best option for your pooch, it's essential to know what the correct doses are needed to be effective...

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Benefits of oils for Cats

Cats are our ever-curious companions that constantly surprise us with their incredible agility, strong leg muscles that can leap them up into the air to 6 times their height, and their...

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Aggressive Dogs

Dogs can have anger issues just as easily as humans. It can be very distressing when our loveable pooches display aggressive behavior towards other people or dogs. We worry...

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