Dogs can have anger issues just as easily as humans. It can be very distressing when our loveable pooches display aggressive behavior towards other people or dogs. We worry about whether they will hurt anyone and would prefer to keep them at home rather than risk taking them outside.

Aggression in dogs can be very problematic, but since we love our best friends so much, we search for ways to help them. CBD seems to help facilitate how serotonin (a mood-stabilizing neurotransmitter) can affect your dog. It might not be an overnight cure, but it could be the key to creating a calmer state of mind for our aggressive pets.

It doesn't matter what breed or size your dog is. Often, the cause of aggression is fear-based and a result of some trauma - being attacked by another dog, having terrible experiences at shelters, or being in a situation where they feel threatened. It can be confusing for owners to know what might set them off, as dogs are unable to distinguish between a real threat and a falsely-perceived one. Hopefully, this post will help you find a way to treat your dog's aggression with natural remedies.


It is essential to know why our dogs are acting aggressively in order to create a treatment plan that could benefit them. There are a variety of potential causes for dog aggression, including:

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  • Territorial aggression
  • Sexual aggression
  • Resource guarding
  • Frustration

Many of these would not necessarily require the use of CBD as a standalone treatment (though it could help the process as CBD seems to act as a sedative for aggressive dogs). We'll look at the primary forms of aggression in which CBD treatment can assist:


If your ordinarily placid dog is suddenly growling or snapping at you, it could be a sign of injury or illness that is causing them discomfort. Pain is a very common cause of aggression, and dogs will normally respond in this way if they are not feeling well.

Pain can be caused by chronic conditions such as arthritis, tumors, or possible bone fractures. Consult your vet immediately if you think your dog is in pain.


If your pup is scared, anxious, or feels that they are in any sense of danger, their first reaction is usually to run away. However, if they feel trapped and can't escape, their go-to response in order to protect themselves is to attack. Some dogs (rescues, in particular) may have been abused or neglected and internalize the traumatic event. Socialization is crucial from a young age, as dogs who were not able to have a positive experience as puppies can grow up to be aggressive adults.


There are many CBD oils and treats on the market for pets as it's become a very popular form of treatment in recent years. These products have great potential to assist in managing many conditions in dogs, but finding the right supplier is essential for obtaining the best CBD oil for dogs with anxiety and aggression. As many manufacturers are flooding the CBD market, research will go a long way in choosing a high-quality supplier of full-spectrum CBD oils and treats, like Tempo & Tails!

If your dog is in a high-stress or anxious environment (spaces that could trigger fears), CBD would only be a temporary solution. To curb the aggression, it is advised to pair CBD treatment with the appropriate training and socialization. Yup, it may be time to bring in the professionals! A qualified dog trainer or behaviorist can help immensely in creating a plan to manage your dog's aggression, giving you some much-needed peace of mind.


Once you've decided that CBD oil or treats will form part of your dog's plan, make sure to keep your dosage chart close by and have a regular daily routine when administering these products. Your Tempo & Tails products will also have recommended daily doses that you can refer to. Dose amounts will vary depending on the size of your dog and whether you choose to use treats or oils. The effects should take 30-45 minutes to kick in. For faster absorption, oils can be applied directly into your dog’s mouth under the tongue or between the cheeks and gums. Treats can take a bit longer as their tummies need to digest more.

Always remember to ask your vet for advice about any extra supplements that can also help calm your four-legged love and cure their aggression.

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