Who we are ?

Where did it all begin?

Us + Hemp, we go way back. We’ve been breeding and growing hemp since 2015, building a robust operation that includes a breeding farm, a USDA certified Organic farm and extraction facility, R&D labs, product development services, and more. As Seed-to-Product experts, we’ve seen what hemp-derived products can do for the planet and its inhabitants, people, and pets alike. It only made sense to take what we’ve learned through our experience and apply it to a product line that serves cats and dogs. After all, we spend most of our lives relying on them as bonafide stress relievers. We figured it was time to pay back the favor and relieve some discomforts for them.

Supported By Vets

We consult with the real pet experts - the vets. We've been collaborating with Dr. Landry of CCAPM and Dr. Watkins of the University of Colorado Boulder in a study that measures the effectiveness of CBD in addressing dog physical disomforts.



Thank You for your wonderful dog treats, at 18 years old she has her appitite back!

Amber K.W
V.I.P Rosie

Thank you again for making my cats life on earth sooooo much better. He's my life!

cat cbd treats
Gary E
V.I.P Sphinx

She gets the daily CBD oil along with her joint supplements. She's happy healthy and moving.

Wendy H
V.I.P Maggie

Your Oil has keeps Rufus around and happy, I can't begin to thank you enough

Rick S
V.I.P Rufus


Our packaging and product descriptions now include the recommended dosage based on your pet’s weight & size. We’re also sharing the names and exact amounts of CBD as well as other active cannabinoids in each product.

3rd Party Lab tests

Each product is tested by 3rd party lab services. We share lab results and stamps of approval.

We Don’t Make Claims

We say “might/most likely/could” because we can’t promise to cure diseases nor can we promise your pet will go from Anxious Annie to Tranquil tammy. We can only report back, based on real-life use cases, which we keep true to the source.

Free Product Return

If your pet didn’t like our products or you don't find them to be effective, you can return them within 30 days in their original packaging for a full refund.