Once you, as a pet owner, have decided that CBD treatment is the right option for your pooch, it's essential to know what the correct doses are needed to be effective. The main rule is to err on the side of caution and start with lower than the recommended dose, gradually building up the ratios.

Basing the correct dosage for your dog and their specific needs is essential. Your chosen product should have dosage charts clearly marked on the label to help you figure it out. But, having a dosage chart handy also enables you to find the perfect amount to give your dog.


The first factor you would need to consider is the type of products you would use, whether in CBD oil, treat, or capsule form. Treats would take longer as their tummies would need to digest more ingredients. The other factors that may influence the optimal dosage are:

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  • The breed of your dog Different breeds have different needs, so you would need to adjust accordingly based on their genetic inheritance and the issues associated with their make-up.
  • Weight Larger dogs will require more CBD in their treatment plan.
  • Condition Sometimes, the weight doesn’t always correlate to your dog’s needs, especially if the severity of their underlying condition is more serious. In this case, it’s advised to focus on their specific condition. Optimal doses for anxiety, seizures, and arthritis will likely be different.
  • Level of activity CBD should stay in their system for 4-8 hours, but some dogs will metabolize it faster than others; the more active your dog, the faster they will process the CBD.

Below is an easy-to-use chart when calculating the correct CDB dosage for your dog:


Not all products will have the same concentration of CBD, so finding the correct dose can be tricky. This is where we use the above factors to determine how we dose our dogs (and don’t forget that dosage chart!)

CBD does not have any traces of TCH, so there is no chance that your pup will experience any psychoactive effects. There are also no major side effects in giving CBD to your dogs, but they may experience:

  • Dry mouth Have their bowl of water close by if they experience cottonmouth
  • Lethargy This could be if the dose is too large.
  • Dizziness Look for signs indicating that your dog is dizzy. This can occur if the CBD is of poor quality or contains trace amounts of THC (good quality products like Tempo and Tails are guaranteed to contain ZERO traces of THC).
  • Upset stomach or vomiting You’re introducing something new to their tummies, so it might upset their stomach before they get used to it.
  • Low blood pressure CBD has been known to cause drops in blood pressure temporarily if given in high doses.


Ultimately, you have to decide what’s best for your dog. Are the side effects worth the potential benefits we could see from giving them CBD oil? Smaller doses are best for their general well-being, while larger doses may be effective in easing their more serious conditions.

Always seek the professional recommendation of your vet. They know way more than we do and can advise you on what the correct dosage for your pet would be.

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