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We’re here!

It’s time we talk about Tempo & Tails.

Formerly known as RxCBD, Tempo & Tails, our new(ish) pet brand you have to know about.

Now, that we’re all set and settled in, we want to tell you why we made the decision to rebrand and what has changed. You can rest assured that the main ingredients in our magic formula are all still there. We kept the science behind RxCBD intact and added fresh design and more product options, driven by a shift in the way we perceive what we do and the pet families we serve.

So why rebrand?

As a company that believes in plant-based solutions and their broad benefits for pets & people, we realized that “Rx” represented something totally different. We decided to move away from medical sounding terms and focus on what really makes our brand stand out – the quality of our products and the deep compassion we have for our better-than-most-humans friends. 

And what about the “CBD”?

Rebranding gave us a chance to close the gap between our product and its benefits to how it looks and feels . We changed our name, website and packaging. Everything else remains the same. Our treats and extracts all carry CBD, in the same formula and recipes, only now you’ll notice the term Full Spectrum Hemp in our titles and descriptions. This change reflects how we refer to two significant elements in the product’s ingredients: the total active cannabinoids per product (CBD and many other active cannabinoids) and the exact CBD dosage.

As CBD becomes a household name, growing in popularity and application, some misconception is still evident with the general public, when it comes to terms such as full spectrum hemp extract, whole-plant extract, full spectrum hemp and more. We believe that education regarding the plant’s qualities and added value of a full spectrum hemp extract, will follow the rise in awareness regarding CBD and its many merits. Until that happens, we’d like to share as much info as possible with you about our extract’s cannabinoids profile and its benefits for your pet.

Getting familiar with Tempo & Tails
Remember, now you’ll be presented with the full cannabinoid profile of the plant, which will include exact doses of CBD and the total amount of CBD plus other active cannabinoids. This will allow for safe and effective administration, based on accurate CBD servings.

New name, new game (kind of).

Now, you can pick the right product for your pet, based on weight and flavor. And to make things even easier, follow this guide to find your favorite product in its new name. 

Tempo & Tails Previously on RxCBD
Roast Beef & Turmeric Treats
For Large Dogs
Big Dog Treats
Chicken & Hemp Seed Treats
For Small Dogs
Original Dog Treats
Cheese & Chicken Treats
For Cats
Cheesy Chicken Cat Treats
Chicken Treats For Cats
Original Chicken Treats
Tuna & Chicken Treats For Cats
Bonita Tuna & Chicken
Full Spectrum Hemp Extract
For Small Dogs
Small to Medium Dog
Full Spectrum Hemp Extract
For Medium Dogs
Medium to Large Dogs
Full Spectrum Hemp Extract
For Cats
Cat Extract
Full Spectrum Hemp Extract
For Large Dogs
Chicken & Camomile Treats
For Tiny Dogs
Peanut-butter & Carob Treats
For Medium Dogs

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  1. I love this company. Their products have helped my dogs in remarkable ways. I have used their products for several years and will continue with the newly designed packaging. Looking forward to trying the treats…

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