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Halloween Dog Parade – The last minute save that brought all the dogs to the yard

Last Sunday, The Tompkins Square Annual Parade took place at the East River Park, thanks to a local animal clinic that sponsored the almost-canceled event. Thousands of people & their doggy companions went all out and delivered unforgettable group & individual costumes. 

We were there to enjoy the very best Halloween parade the city has to offer. A tradition, we believe, should be embraced by all cities and all citizens of the world. Because what can be better that watching John Snow & his fair-haired Shitzu Khalisi sitting on the Iron Throne? Or the cast of Stranger Things, all dogs – one human as the THING? Listen, there was even a lizard geisha running around. If that’s even what it was.

All in all, it was a great reminder to something we can’t really ever forget. Everything is better with dogs.

Lastly, events like this, or just general busy days at the dog run, call for a treat that can boost energy for lazy ones & have a calming effect on the most active trick or treaters out there. This time around, we came ready with our goodie bags and some treat samples to pass along. Check out these happy faces, enjoying their daily delight in the rain.

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