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CBD may reduce aggression towards humans in shelter dogs – Research Summary

Researchers: Sara Corsetti, Simona Borruso, Livia Malandrucco, Valentina Spallucci, Laura Maragliano, Raffaella Perino, Pietro D’Agostino & Eugenia Natoli  / Published: 2/1/2021

As CBD is gradually becoming an important tool for the treatment of pain, inflammation, seizures, and anxiety in both humans and animals, more study cases arise. The growing database is leading to empiric answers and treatment possibilities while enabling and driving improvement and efficacy of different products.

The latest research we were thankful and excited to read was conducted in the “Muratella” dog shelter in Rome. Fortunately, in Italy by law sheltered dogs are not to be euthanized:

It is our duty to guarantee them an acceptable level of well-being.

The researchers selected 24 healthy dogs, who have been at the shelter for over 9 months (:<) and are showing high signs of aggression towards humans.

When dogs are more aggressive to handle, the human – k-9 connection which can have enormous positive emotional and behavioral effects on the dog is reduced significantly.

The dogs were treated with CBD Oil, while their counterparts in the placebo group were treated with olive oil. The results after 15 days were quite evident.

“Aggressive behaviour towards humans decreased significantly over time in CBD treatment group”

“Our results clearly suggest that CBD treatment might be effectively used to improve welfare in dogs housed in a shelter.”

Does CBD affect Dog’s reaction to the environment?

“Finally, the analysis of all behavioral patterns of the dogs, related to attention and interaction with the environment suggested that the treatment with CBD did not reduce the level of attention of dogs and did not make them less perceptive of the environment and of the stimuli that surrounded them.”

The reduction in a dog’s aggression may be effective enough to break through the aggression cycle allowing to build of a significant relationship with a dog, through walks, play-time, and more. Such a relationship has a greater value than any natural supplement or drug administered.

We invite you to read the research here, and to save a sheltered dog!

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