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V.I.P: Tyson

Just giving you guys an update on the effectiveness of your treats. This here is Tyson. He is a two year old bulldog who gets over excited and likes to play rough. Today after I gave him three treats he was calm, docile and relaxed! He also suffers from minor hip problems and seemed unbothered! Thank you guys keep doing what you are doing!

V.I.P: Gracie

Gracie is my kid. She has been with me for 13 years. She was barely able to move due to an aging hip. After 2 days on Tempo & Tails extract, she is off her bed, running around, back to her old self. I cried to see her feeling better.

V.I.P: Zeke

My cat Zeke (Ezekiel Pickles) has been taking Tempo & Tails daily for five months now. Zeke is a 9-year-old rescue who came into my life after a very tough past. Zeke was nearly bald, dangerously underweight, had terrible stomach problems, and was acting overwhelmed. Since taking Tempo & Tails, he has grown back a beautiful thick coat, is at a healthy weight, and no longer suffers from poor digestion. Zeke is now calm, loving, and playful- he’s a whole new cat thanks to this!

Mindy S.
V.I.P: Hobbs

His spirits are good and we have been using the CBD oil daily to relief and help with discomfort.

V.I.P: Nero

Nero acts like a danged puppy half the time now. Plays, eats, drinks, acts goofy, carries his toys around all day, then falls over and sleeps for six hrs. Best case scenario ever for an almost 15-year-old dog who could barely walk six months ago and was one phone call (to my vet) away from saying goodbye.